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This quality magnifier will be around for years! A great investment if you are serious about your Marijuana. The magnifier includes an outer velour bag, hard carrying case, polishing cloth, mini tool for battery replacement and a split keyring that will secure to your lanyard.

The Original T-H-SEE

  • Look deep down into your buds and discover ..... This 3 L.E.D. illuminated 40x magnifier will help you to determine the quality of your marijuana product. If you are a dispensary shopper, grower, breeder, extractor or photo enthusiast this is the ideal product for you. Determine gland head size, color and density. Spot contaminants such as bugs and hair as well as various forms of mold and mildew, 2 bright white L.E.D's provide excellent close lighting while the Ultraviolet L.E.D. provides help finding powdery mold and determining ripeness of your trichomes. All metal construction makes this a serious tool for the Marijuana connoisseurs collection.
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